Why virtualization does not pay off

Businesses face rapidly growing data volumes and mobile devices. The data center of the future must therefore deliver more content to more devices and in more regions and countries than was previously required, white silicon.de blogger Andre Kiehne, Director Cloud Business at Dimension Data Germany,

Virtualization is often the way to optimize processes and save costs. An attempt that backfires too often.

The results of a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) make the problem clear: 82 percent of companies that have virtualized their server environment, want a professional partner that manages these processes and at best even transferred to a cloud.

The expected cost savings can not be realized in these cases – because virtualization often comes with a complexity that companies are not prepared for.

Key components for successfully building next-generation IT are automation and standardization. If companies are unable to standardize management systems and processes, they will generate administrative overhead.

In order to meet the requirements of big data and mobility, the IT department is testing various configuration options for the various systems – usually “in good luck” and with unpredictable results.

Integrating existing operations into a virtualized environment fails because IT managers have not realized that planning and operations are more important than technical maintenance. They must control processes, document best practice examples and, based on this, automate the process environment – always with a view to the existing infrastructure.

At present, the focus is still too much on maintaining the status quo, ie structures and processes that are not suitable for the requirements of next-generation IT. In the worst case, this results in increased default probabilities and unfulfilled service level agreements – ie dissatisfied customers.

The integration of modern services and tools as well as the embedding of new processes into existing structures – if they are not implemented purposefully – therefore require unnecessary additional effort. And virtualization is no exception: the benefits do not come to fruition because companies are overwhelmed with management; qualified resources are wasted.

Rather, companies need to focus their efforts on standardizing datacenter infrastructure and simplifying environmental management – with operational know-how or a trusted partner.

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