Ubuntu supports OpenStack for Windows Server

Canonical provides virtual drivers that can best support Windows guest operating systems. Microsoft has certified the drivers as well as the entire platform. Canonical customers can purchase them through the Ubuntu Advantage Support Program.

Canonical and Microsoft have jointly developed plug-ins for Windows Server to run as a guest operating system on Ubuntu and OpenStack . The plug-ins and the entire platform have been certified by Microsoft.

Logo UbuntuIn a blog , Ubuntu sponsor Canonical explains that Ubuntu is one of the most popular cloud guest operating systems in the world’s most important public clouds. Market researchers estimate the market share at 55 to 75 percent. “This is something we are proud of,” writes Sally Radwan, who is responsible for cloud marketing at Canonical. “We do not want to just keep it, we want to keep it up. But in the spirit of Ubuntu, we have always stood for openness and cooperation with others. ”

According to Radwan, this was the incentive to create the Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL). Thousands of third-party solution combinations are being tested against OpenStack. In this way, compatibility and high performance should be ensured. In addition, it is the reason why the Ubuntu ecosystem has become one of the largest and fastest growing in the industry.

“Continuing this trend, we worked with Microsoft to develop and certify VirtIO drivers – virtualized Windows drivers that let Windows guests run on KVM hypervisors and ultimately on OpenStack,” writes Sally Radwan. “This allows companies heavily invested in Windows Server to create OpenStack clouds on Ubuntu while keeping their guest operating system and workloads untouched.”

Microsoft has confirmed the drivers as a robust and reliable plug-in as part of the Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP) certification process. The software company has also certified the entire platform. As a result, Microsoft recognizes that Ubuntu supports Windows guests in a stable manner.

The VirtIO drivers are designed to optimize the performance of a guest operating system on an Ubuntu OpenStack cloud. Canonical customers can purchase them through the Ubuntu Advantage Support Program. They run on any LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu Server as well as on any OpenStack version supported by it.

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