The suite of tools that simplifies data analysis

Data analysis has many benefits for businesses. In particular, it helps to make better decisions, to identify new opportunities or to solve the problems that hinder growth. However, without the necessary resources or manpower, it can be very difficult to access the benefits of this technology .

Alteryx Inc. offers data analysis tools that emphasize simplicity . With this suite of tools, companies can more easily aggregate data from multiple sources and analyze it.

What are the tools of the Alteryx suite?

The Alteryx suite of tools includes three different products: Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server, and Alteryx Analytics Gallery. Alteryx Designer is an office tool that allows users to perform predictive analysis, spatial analysis, reporting or data visualization (Data Vizualisation) .

It also makes it possible to create analytical applications through a single workflow. Users can access and mix data from multiple sources : Data Warehouses, relational databases, Hadoop Data Stores, NoSQL databases, Microsoft Office applications, social networks, or various external sources.

The second tool, Alteryx Server, is a server-based product that provides organizations with a scalable and highly available architecture. Thus, users can tackle the most complex analytical problems. The results of the analyzes can then be shared with the other departments and decision makers of the company.

This tool allows you to plan competing workflows, but also to publish and share analytics applications securely across the enterprise. Administrators can store analytics applications centrally and securely . It is also possible to use this tool to manage user access controls for analytical governance purposes.

The latest tool, Alteryx Analytics Gallery, is a cloud-based application primarily for sharing analytic models and applications with partners, customers, or vendors.

Alteryx: price and availability of different tools

Alteryx’s prices are based on annual contracts. However, it is possible to benefit from better prices by opting for a three-year contract .

The Alteryx Designer office tool is priced at 5195 euros per year per user. With the additional functionalities of spatial data analysis, it is necessary to count 11700 additional euros per user and per year.

If you want to enjoy the features of demographic data analysis s and filmographic , it will cost 33,800 euros per user per year. The desktop scheduling functionality is priced at 6500 euros per user per year.

The Alteryx Server tool , meanwhile, is offered at 58,500 euros per year for a four-CPU server. Finally, the Cloud Alteryx Gallery application is priced at 1950 euros.

Alteryx analytical tools can be purchased directly from the company, or through authorized resellers. Note that a trial version of 14 days is available . The company offers support by email and telephone, as well as a real-time chat.

Alteryx Analytics 11.0: what’s new with this update?

The 11.0 version of Alteryx Analytics brings many new features . First, the features of Data Profiling have been improved. New predictive analytics features have also been added, and existing tools have been enhanced.

With improvements to the Data Connection feature of the Gallery application, administrators can now create and manage connections between data within a private gallery. Alteryx Designer users can then enjoy access to these connections.

Workflows scheduling functionality has also been enhanced to allow Gallery administrators to schedule, view, and manage workflows in a private gallery. They can also allow other Alteryx users to create and manage schedules. Finally, new data sources are being supported and previously supported data sources are now better integrated.


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