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Best Free Human Resource Management Software Solution

Although staff management is quite expensive. But this is vital to the development of the company. In general, staff management costs are much higher in small businesses. Small businesses often do not have enough budget to pay for expensive software. And even online HR solutions are more affordable. For them, it is still a big

The suite of tools that simplifies data analysis

Data analysis has many benefits for businesses. In particular, it helps to make better decisions, to identify new opportunities or to solve the problems that hinder growth. However, without the necessary resources or manpower, it can be very difficult to access the benefits of this technology . Alteryx Inc. offers data analysis tools that emphasize

IBM Softlayer brings Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology to the cloud

IBM introduces a new technology from Cloud subsidiary Softlayer. For companies with high security requirements, Softlayer provides Bare Metal Server with Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) chip-based security technology. Companies from regulated industries should be able to implement compliance requirements. About TXT companies can monitor processes within the organization from the server to the own

The Top 15 Open Source Cloud Computing Technologies 2019

Crisp research analyst René Büst has taken a close look at the most important open source projects. Especially in times of the cloud, open source seems to be not only an option for companies, but could soon become a standard. Open source technologies look back on a long history. Linux, MySQL and the Apache web

VMware Fusion 7 includes support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

On current Intel processors with the Mac virtualizer more power with simultaneously optimized battery life is possible, so VMware. In addition, VMware Fusion 7 takes over typical design elements from Yosemite. The Pro version also provides new connectivity options to VMware’s private cloud infrastructure. The VMware Fusion 7 virtualization solution also supports the upcoming Mac

Mobile connections disappoint

The interest in cloud computing and big data among ERP users is negligible. ERP systems with a narrow industry or regional focus seem to provide high levels of user satisfaction. Established systems like SAP, on the other hand, are in solid midfield. But there are construction sites not only in large installations. The Trovarit AG

Microsoft Azure supports Docker and Kubernetes

With support for Google’s Kubernetes project, Docker containers can now be managed on Azure. Microsoft wants to significantly expand Azure’s scope of use and make the platform as open as possible. Microsoft’s support of Google’s Kubernetes project on Azure known . This allows users to use Azure-compatible Kubernetes modules also on the Microsoft infrastructure. Microsoft

Free access to Visual Studio Online

Stakeholder calls Microsoft employees in a company who are responsible for a process. Since 2013, over 1.6 million users have been using the online version of the development environment. Microsoft Announces License Adjustment for the Visual Studio Online Cloud Development Environment . Now, users who only occasionally access the Cloud IDE can do so at

Microsoft plans to migrate internal IT operations to Azure by 2018

The “ideal migration scenario” is Azure for legacy infrastructure components. Microsoft wants to become the best customer for their own products. But even if Microsoft itself wants to become a cloud-driven business, only a hybrid cloud is possible in the medium term. Instead of exchanging older hardware systems in a data center for a new

Microsoft is working on patch for overheated Surface tablets

The Surface Pro 3 overheat indicator is triggered too early, according to Microsoft. The Group promises a remedy with an upcoming patch. When he appears is not yet known. Only the model with the powerful Core i7 is affected. Microsoft’s latest tablet generation Surface Pro 3 tends under certain conditions to overheat, as some users