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Microsoft Azure supports Docker and Kubernetes

With support for Google’s Kubernetes project, Docker containers can now be managed on Azure. Microsoft wants to significantly expand Azure’s scope of use and make the platform as open as possible. Microsoft’s support of Google’s Kubernetes project on Azure known . This allows users to use Azure-compatible Kubernetes modules also on the Microsoft infrastructure. Microsoft

Worldwide notebook sales are growing

With one percent of sales grow for the first time in two years again. The leading five manufacturers improved on average by 16 percent. A year ago, they reported a minus of 20 percent. In the second quarter of 2014, worldwide notebook sales increased again. The show preliminary figures for the notebook market for NPD

VMware takes over application delivery specialist CloudVolumes

The technology of CloudVolumes can be used in virtualized environments as well as on physical servers. It will be used in all three core areas of VMware’s business. These are end-user computing, software-defined data centers and hybrid cloud services. VMware has the Californian specialist in Real-Time Application Delivery Cloud volumes acquired . The company provides

Blackmail Malware Zerolocker encrypts a computer’s files

Encryption only excludes data in the directories “Windows”, “Desktop” and “Program Files”. According to Kaspersky, the criminals charge between $ 300 and $ 1000 ransom. This can only be paid in the digital currency Bitcoin. Kaspersky warns of the newly discovered malicious malware malware Zerolocker for Windows . It is similar to Cryptolocker and can