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Best Free Human Resource Management Software Solution

Although staff management is quite expensive. But this is vital to the development of the company. In general, staff management costs are much higher in small businesses. Small businesses often do not have enough budget to pay for expensive software. And even online HR solutions are more affordable. For them, it is still a big

Microsoft is working on patch for overheated Surface tablets

The Surface Pro 3 overheat indicator is triggered too early, according to Microsoft. The Group promises a remedy with an upcoming patch. When he appears is not yet known. Only the model with the powerful Core i7 is affected. Microsoft’s latest tablet generation Surface Pro 3 tends under certain conditions to overheat, as some users

The cloud business is more than just a hype

Increasingly, the German software providers are developing in the direction of the cloud. The new blogger Peter Dewald, CEO of Sage Software GmbH, is of the opinion that this is not just a hype. Businesses should be serious about the cloud software business. He asks why the cloud is so in demand. The Crisp

HP updates storage solutions for the Software Defined Datacenter

HP introduces new storage solutions for the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC). The solutions are aimed primarily at the use of scale-out storage systems in cloud and virtual server environments. HP now introduces the HP StoreVirtual Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) as a fully integrated storage solution for HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition.

VMware takes over application delivery specialist CloudVolumes

The technology of CloudVolumes can be used in virtualized environments as well as on physical servers. It will be used in all three core areas of VMware’s business. These are end-user computing, software-defined data centers and hybrid cloud services. VMware has the Californian specialist in Real-Time Application Delivery Cloud volumes acquired . The company provides

VMware NSX in the Enterprise Data Center?

Last summer’s announcement from VMware about its network virtualization platform NSX (the technology that emerged from the Nicira acquisition) has created a veritable hype about overlay technologies. These allow the server teams to roll out new services without additional network configuration (physical switches). To some extent, I see this as a strategy to address the