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Best Free Human Resource Management Software Solution

Although staff management is quite expensive. But this is vital to the development of the company. In general, staff management costs are much higher in small businesses. Small businesses often do not have enough budget to pay for expensive software. And even online HR solutions are more affordable. For them, it is still a big

Mainframe: Chinese bank introduces new security technology

A new mainframe technology designed to ensure disaster recovery and high availability is being used on a large scale in practice for the first time in a Chinese financial institution. The  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  (ICBC), the new mainframe technology System z is according to IBM as the first financial institution worldwide  GDPS

Researchers are working on Android security plug-ins

With the Android Security Modules framework, they want to make sure that every Android user has access to security fixes. In addition, modules could anonymize data before apps get access to it. Security updates would thus be possible without a complete OS update. German and US security researchers have a framework for Android developed .