Microsoft is working on patch for overheated Surface tablets

The Surface Pro 3 overheat indicator is triggered too early, according to Microsoft. The Group promises a remedy with an upcoming patch. When he appears is not yet known. Only the model with the powerful Core i7 is affected.

Microsoft’s latest tablet generation Surface Pro 3 tends under certain conditions to overheat, as some users report . The software company has already tackled the problem and is working on a patch. This should appear “as soon as possible”, a specific date did not call Microsoft. The next patchday would be September 9th.

The company told that only one particular processor model, the Intel Core i7, was affected by the problem: “The Surface team is aware that a very small number of Surface Pro 3 with Core i7 will sometimes reboot and boot incorrectly displays a thermometer graph. Our research has shown that the system triggers this event earlier than it should, but only on reboots and not on the fly. We have an update that will be available to customers as soon as possible. ”

Especially the i7 version of the Surface Pro 3 refers to Microsoft as an innovation, as it combines a powerful processor with a thin and lightweight tablet. “The extra power requires more regular and faster rotations of the fan – and the unit also gets a little warmer. If customers are concerned about this, they should contact Microsoft support. ”

In May, Microsoft launched the third generation Surface series, the Surface Pro 3. positions it as a replacement for notebooks like the Macbook Air.

Since this week, the Surface Pro 3 is also available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It costs depending on the equipment 799-1949 euros. The docking station for 199 euros will follow in September. On board are Intel’s current Haswell CPUs, 4 or 8 GB of RAM, 64 to 512 GB of SSD storage and Windows 8.1 Pro.

Commenting on the latest quarterly results, Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said, “Although it’s still early on, sales outstripped previous Surface Pro models.” She did not mention numbers. Sales of Surface tablets totaled $ 409 million over the full three-month period. It was “powered by second generation devices, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, as well as the recently launched Surface Pro 3, according to Microsoft.” In the immediately preceding quarter, Microsoft had generated $ 500 million in tablet sales.

This statement was followed in early August by Computerworld a calculation, Microsoft had achieved with its Surface Tablets so far, an operating loss of $ 1.7 billion . The amount refers to the period since the launch of the Windows tablets in 2012. In the recently completed 2014 fiscal year, several hundred million dollars were added.

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