Mainframe: Chinese bank introduces new security technology

A new mainframe technology designed to ensure disaster recovery and high availability is being used on a large scale in practice for the first time in a Chinese financial institution.

The  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  (ICBC), the new mainframe technology System z is according to IBM as the first financial institution worldwide  GDPS active / active  used for continuous availability and disaster recovery. This new technology will be installed in a data center in Shanghai.

From there ICBC supplies branches in 40 countries. The world’s largest commercial bank has a total of 17,000 offices, 4.7 million corporate customers and 432 individual accounts. According to IBM, the downtime has already been reduced by 95 percent with its technology.

IBM’s Mainframe Active Active is designed to help ICBC ensure that constantly circulating 2TB of account information is delivered in real-time and flawlessly. Once a system fails, transactions are routed to a second data center.

IBM has been lobbying lately for large financial service providers. In August, it was able to report three deals in the sector: New Zealand’s largest online bank, Westpac NZ,  will leverage IBM’s private cloud technology and Veda Partners has extended its outsourcing contract with IBM this month and  extended it by five years . According to IBM, the volume is several million dollars. And finally  , Ujjivan Financial Services  of India booked cloud services from IBM.

At the same time, IBM is expanding its activities in China at a time when Chinese authorities are warning against US companies and even IBM. Bloomberg reported in May that the Chinese government is urging its banks to replace IBM’s high-end servers with Chinese models.

IBM is also the subject of a security investigation in China – as are EMC and Oracle. In March, the company was prompted to comment: “IBM is first and foremost an enterprise enterprise, which means that our customers are usually other companies and organizations. We serve some of the world’s most successful multinational corporations and help them achieve their business goals. IBM has not provided any information to the NSA or any other government agency under the PRISM program. ”

IBM launches Watson Discovery Advisor in the cloud

IBM has now made Watson Discovery Advisor available as a commercial product in the cloud. The computer system can understand languages, recognize how chemical components react with one another, or represent connections between data on a map. The aim is to accelerate, among other things, research, finance and government work.

Some researchers and scientists have already been able to test Watson Discovery Advisor to search the enormous mass of scientific publications published daily.

For example, Johnson & Johnson teaches the system how to read and understand drug test results to accelerate drug effectiveness studies.

Dr. Olivier Lichtarge, Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Chemistry at Baylor College of Medicine, used Watson Discovery Advisor to analyze 70,000 articles on a particular protein. “On average, a scientist may read between one and five research papers on a good day,” he said.Watson Discovery Advisor

“Even if I read five works per day, it would take me nearly 38 years to understand all the research that is already on this protein today. Watson has demonstrated the potential to accelerate the rate and quality of groundbreaking discoveries, “Lichtarge continues.

With the help of Watson Discovery Advisor, researchers say IBM is able to discover new relationships and unexpected patterns within Big Data that have the potential to make notable advances in research and science.

The discoveries can be used in many areas that need to look deep into a mass of information, such as medicine, justice, finance and government work.

IBM exemplifies that Cognitive Computing, like Watson, can be used in medical research to discover new therapies and treatments. He analyzes evidence and neglects chance.

Financial analysts can use the supercomputer to give their customers proactive advice. It also provides governments with deeper insights into areas such as security, education and law enforcement.

Watson Discovery Advisor believes IBM has the potential to reform industries and professions that rely heavily on data.

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