IBM Softlayer brings Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology to the cloud

IBM introduces a new technology from Cloud subsidiary Softlayer. For companies with high security requirements, Softlayer provides Bare Metal Server with Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) chip-based security technology. Companies from regulated industries should be able to implement compliance requirements.

About TXT companies can monitor processes within the organization from the server to the own monitoring processes. In addition to monitoring functions, the TXT module should also ensure that the hardware is not tampered with and that the traffic between the cloud server and the corporate network is not intercepted by third parties. Areas such as sensitive workloads, identity management or incident response could be additionally protected in this way. IBM makes this announcement ahead of the Intel Developer Conference.

The TXT module also provides validation to help a company prove that it has complied with legal regulations such as those in the health or financial industry. For example, TXT also offers a module that precisely defines the location of the server. This feature can also be used to demonstrate certain compliance requirements.

This is especially important for public sector clients, who must ensure that the servers are operated within the scope of their own laws. This is also an important function for users in the EU who need to ensure that personal data does not leave the borders of the confederation of states.

TXT is integrated into the Xeon processor from Intel. Security technology verifies, for example, firmware, operating system or virtualization technology in a server. Thus, the module ensures that the individual components have not been replaced by manipulated components in order to be able to intercept data or disrupt processes. If the technology detects a non-authentic component, the technology can then block the start of a hypervisor, for example.

For IBM, this is not the first use of TXT in the cloud. For example, IBM has already partnered with vendor Virtustream to provide TXT for hybrid SAP implementations. However, as an option, TXT will be available across the cloud for the first time on the cloud on bare metal servers running the Xeon E5-2600 V2, the Xeon E5-1200-V3, or the Xeon E5 4600. SoftLayer will offer more Intel processors as soon as they are on the market.

After IBM acquired the cloud provider for $ 2 billion in the summer of 2013 , Big Blue is investing heavily in infrastructure development. IBM currently offers 18 SoftLayer data centers worldwide. However, IBM had promised about $ 1 billion to develop this infrastructure. By the end of the year, a total of 40 data centers from IBM and SoftLayer will be available worldwide. Currently, IBM offers about 100 different services and industry-specific cloud offerings.

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