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IBM Softlayer brings Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology to the cloud

IBM introduces a new technology from Cloud subsidiary Softlayer. For companies with high security requirements, Softlayer provides Bare Metal Server with Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) chip-based security technology. Companies from regulated industries should be able to implement compliance requirements. About TXT companies can monitor processes within the organization from the server to the own

Total operates Pangea supercomputers with SGI and Suse

It is one of the two fastest industrial computers worldwide. With Pangea, the mineral oil company Total intends to increase the performance of its predecessor system tenfold in the French city of Pau. Total is researching new oil production in the future using a supercomputer powered by SGI hardware and the Suse Linux Enterprise operating

The Top 15 Open Source Cloud Computing Technologies 2019

Crisp research analyst René Büst has taken a close look at the most important open source projects. Especially in times of the cloud, open source seems to be not only an option for companies, but could soon become a standard. Open source technologies look back on a long history. Linux, MySQL and the Apache web

Google launches project for quantum processor for artificial intelligence

Physics professor John Martinis of the University of California will lead the project. In addition to the Quantum Research Laboratory of Google and NASA, his team can also access university facilities. Microsoft also runs a quantum research project at the university. Google has announced that it will soon launch a project to explore a quantum

VMware Fusion 7 includes support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

On current Intel processors with the Mac virtualizer more power with simultaneously optimized battery life is possible, so VMware. In addition, VMware Fusion 7 takes over typical design elements from Yosemite. The Pro version also provides new connectivity options to VMware’s private cloud infrastructure. The VMware Fusion 7 virtualization solution also supports the upcoming Mac

Ubuntu supports OpenStack for Windows Server

Canonical provides virtual drivers that can best support Windows guest operating systems. Microsoft has certified the drivers as well as the entire platform. Canonical customers can purchase them through the Ubuntu Advantage Support Program. Canonical and Microsoft have jointly developed plug-ins for Windows Server to run as a guest operating system on Ubuntu and OpenStack

Mobile connections disappoint

The interest in cloud computing and big data among ERP users is negligible. ERP systems with a narrow industry or regional focus seem to provide high levels of user satisfaction. Established systems like SAP, on the other hand, are in solid midfield. But there are construction sites not only in large installations. The Trovarit AG

Why virtualization does not pay off

Businesses face rapidly growing data volumes and mobile devices. The data center of the future must therefore deliver more content to more devices and in more regions and countries than was previously required, white blogger Andre Kiehne, Director Cloud Business at Dimension Data Germany, Virtualization is often the way to optimize processes and save

Microsoft Azure supports Docker and Kubernetes

With support for Google’s Kubernetes project, Docker containers can now be managed on Azure. Microsoft wants to significantly expand Azure’s scope of use and make the platform as open as possible. Microsoft’s support of Google’s Kubernetes project on Azure known . This allows users to use Azure-compatible Kubernetes modules also on the Microsoft infrastructure. Microsoft

Apple investigates attack on iCloud

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) introduces a Google Glass app that not only detects faces in real time, but also analyzes them. In addition to emotions, the app can also identify the age and gender of the person. However, according to Fraunhofer IIS , it is not possible to find out who this